sweet butterflies

Wow. 9 months! That is like, ¾ of a year??? Which means you will be turning one soon!! My lovable little precious one. It has been a rough first quarter of 2013. You went to school and enjoy your time there (as I will like to think). And as a passage of life, you started to fall sick too. You spent the 9th mth trying to recover from mild stomach flu. Not forgetting 2 more cough episodes before this. The good news is though you have crossed the 8.1kg mark and this meant you have triple your birth weight!

You started to crawl on 4s! and you can pull yourself to stand and to sit very well now! You started to show signs of furniture cruising! Maybe soon mama will see you standing without support? =)

It was an exciting month. You had another hair shave! Hopefully this shall be your final one! We went to two musical trial classes. Mama noticed that you only enjoyed the sections of the classes that requires movement. Otherwise, you were more interested in just chewing on whatever tools they provided. We attended kx yiyi and alex uncle wedding! It was also your first staycation. Quite memorable esp how you hated the bathtub (sigh). You did painting in school (the teachers just gave him plates of paint to explore) and teachers said you love to play with them and explore the texture in your hand

You love to play! And you play… and play… and play… and play… and simply refused to sleep!!!!!!!!!!! You are now like glue to mama all the time…….. so much so that after 3 mths in ifc, you cried for the first time when mama left the centre. It was pretty heartbreaking…

On a sidenote, dear boy still has NO TEETH!!!!!!

Stay healthy and strong little one.

Love, mama

Hi son,

It is time for mama’s monthly love letter to you. You are 8 mths old my darling boy. As mama sift through the photos to make a collage for you, you have seem to grow so much especially in the past one month! Only you have the ability to make my pain away and only you have the ability to lift my mood up up high! Mama flushes with pride and joy every time I look at you and when I see your happy smile


Where do we begin for the past one month? Perhaps lets get over and done with for the bad things before we recount the good things shall we? Not all has been bad. Just that you were unwell for a long long period and developed mild bronchitis. I guess this is unavoidable seeing that now you are going to infant care. Stay healthy my young man.


Now the good things are aplenty!!!

  1. You celebrated your first cny with us! Mama feels so happy carrying you around with us during visitation and mama is very proud how you interact with everyone
  2. You can sit very very steadily!
  3. You have learnt how to stand from sitting position!
  4. You can crawl very fast now too (according to the teachers from just yesterday report)
  5. You have started porridge and granny has found the right consistency that you enjoy
  6. You started babbling papapapapapapa all the time! of course, papa is very happy about it
  7. You can finish a milk feed all by yourself without any support from us! Well done! (basically you lie down and hold the bottle till you finish all the milk!)
  8. You have suddenly become super sticky to mama. Even when papa is right beside you, you cry once I leave your sight and you quickly try to find mama wherever I go
  9. You started singing and humming more nowadays
  10. Cheeky little boy traumatize Kelly meimei during our cny meet up!


Continue to grow safely and healthy my dear boy! Mama loves you a lot! 

Hi sweetheart

You are 7 months old! Wow!

Everyday with you is such a blessing. I learnt something new everyday about you as you continue to discover this world. This past one month, we celebrated the first xmas together as a trio. We counted down together as you actually stayed up and happily wave your hands to every beat of 5,4,3,2,1. You started school and oh boy, mummy is so so so proud of you! You are such a good boy and seems to be adjusting well in school. You love your meal times. And you had your first art and craft session!

You also had your first episode of tummy upset accompanied by minor diarrhea. It is heart breaking to see you being so quiet and not playing with us. All is well now and that is what matters

My dear, I just want you to know how much I love you and in 2013, mummy wishes for you to stay happy and healthy every single day of your life. Nothing else matters more than your sweet smile and good health.


Received some news lately. Something that I am not looking forward to. I believe God will guide me through this upcoming period of time. I believe God has His plans too. 



Posted on: January 4, 2013


Wow. Where do I begin?

My life changed completely in 2012. You know how we review every year of our life and see what has been some of the meaningful things we have done (pretty much an appraisal of self)? Every year, I felt that something was incomplete. However, this year I feel different. I feel whole, completed, satisfied. The best year yet I have to say. I used to be like running around, trying to find satisfaction in life. Then I got married and it didn’t felt so lost anymore. Yet something was still missing in life. Perhaps it was from the overwhelming stress from work that I bring home? Perhaps it was the never-ending complaints I have about everything else? I don’t know. I know that for 2012, I end the day feeling happy everyday even though there were things that still irritate me. I know that I can leave work at work, put all my worries down, and really feel satisfied with my life.

Life of course was not perfect… but it has been the best this year.

Jan 2012 – I found out I was expecting a boy! The excitement of a dragon baby of cuz accompanied us during Chinese New Year festivities. He was to be named Noah. One of my greatest friend got hitch!

Feb 2012 – post CNY and life took a rollercoaster dip. Mom was diagnosed with stage 1b breast cancer. I remember I was 5 mths pregnant and was running around National Cancer Centre with my mom to get her scans and doctor visits. Things happened so fast. She was then sent for surgery and a frozen biopsy done on the spot showed that she has cancer. A mastectomy was done for her. I had to break the news to her. I remember how I couldn’t control my tears in the waiting room and how hard it was for me to tell her that she has cancer and a mastectomy.  Of all the bad news I break before, this was the worst. It was an emotionally tiring period. Having to run to and fro and to be strong for my mother and to make decision on her behalf. I am very grateful to zhiqiang for that period of time. for understanding and for helping to take care of my mom. I have extremely understanding bosses who stood by me in every single way possible, helping me to cover my work and taking urgent leave to settle my mom’s affair.  I remember bringing mom along for the detailed scan and we saw a very active noah kicking around. And I think that really made my mom’s day amidst all the blues we were having.

Mar 2012 – one of my closest cousins got married. We started our prenatal classes with Mrs Wong Boh Boi. I started aqua aerobics with a group of mummies. And you know what, this group of mummies are the greatest. They have been there for me through every up and down in the pregnancy and motherhood. I cannot remember a single day that went by without me chatting with them. Now, I cannot imagine life without them.

Apr 2012 – 3rd trimester started and I got hospitalized due to pre-term contractions. It was a very scary time. There were uncertainty and much worry. But I have the best gynae ever who offered me plenty reassurance and of course his medical expertise. I had never been so compliant with my medication except that period of time. I would wake at 2 and 5am to take my medicine. Plenty of side effects but all for a good cause

May 2012 – we did my maternal photoshoot and officially made the decision to donate noah’s cord blood to SBCC

Jun 2012 – I was waddling. Really waddling. Big. Like a basket ball under shirt kind of big. I still remember the events. I met my ladies from JC for brunch at Prive on the 17th. And I remember at the end of the meal I noticed my foot swollen. And that was the 3rd time it was this swollen. There is a saying that after the 3rd time it is swollen, it means you are going to deliver soon. So on the 18th (Monday) I went back to work and for some reason, I decided to tie up all my loose ends and copy all the necessary documents to the covering officer. 19th June 2012 at 2am, I was woken up because I felt a trickle. I went to the toilet and spot blood on my pantiliner. And then I felt a cramp. So I went to brush my teeth, changed and woke zq up. We went to the hospital to find out I was only 1.5cm dilated (like such a spoiler). My gynae came by at 5am and inserted pill to intensify the contractions. At 5.11pm, Noah was born. I still remember my first contact with him. The doctor placed Noah on my belly and Noah looked at me before he spit out phlegm and started crying. I remember I was tearing and looking in amazement like gosh, you mean he is mine? So this is him who has been inside me for the past 9 months? But one thing for sure, confinement sucks

July 2012 – confinement lady left and we were left on our own to care for noah. Noah had colic and gosh, life was a blur then. I have no idea how we survive that period but somehow we did.

Aug 2012 – first national day celebration with noah! This was also when my brother decided that he wish to go to uni and that really pleased my dad a lot!

Sept 2012 – noah started to play and be more responsive. Like wow. It was my first birthday as a mummy too!

Oct 2012 – I came back to work. I thought life will be tough. Well, it is indeed tiring but gradually I realized I enjoy the break away from noah and no matter how tired I am at the end of the day, I look forward to see him and I really love how he will smile to me and how that smile will just melt all my troubles away. I learnt to master the art of leaving work at work. Amazing isn’t it?

Nov 2012 – he amazed me with his development everyday. Started to become extremely cheeky. One of my mummies friends left for USA to follow her husband for work purpose. Hui Xin also went to shanghai for work. I miss the two of them

Dec 2012 – first xmas with noah!

Everyday I am so happy. Everyday I feel so contented. Everyday I am so grateful for the new experiences noah created for us. Just like how for countdown, he actually stayed awake on his own accord and counted down with us!

2012 has been the best year so far and I know 2013 will be even better witnessing every new milestone of noah! Thank you friends, family and everyone for all your love, well wishes and understanding. I pray that 2013 will be excellent for all of us!

Hi Noah Baby!

YOU ARE 6 MONTHS OLD! What a milestone!!! Mummy secretly think that the products out in the market makes 6 months of age as a milestone, because it means you are eligible to take formula milk without being criticized by people why I am not giving you solely breast milk and because this is the “age” that all baby food products can be introduced. Regardless, it is still something huge (I never expect myself to be celebrating all these mediocre stuff but I guess it is different when you are a parent?)

You are such a joy in mummy’s life. I used to go home with work woes but ever since you entered my life, I have learnt to leave work aside when I go home because you light up my world with your sweet smile. You have started to try and make mummy laugh, by tickling me, or just simply smiling at me because you know I cant resist smiling back. You learnt to play with mummy by pretending to ignore mummy but I can still see you smiling to yourself while you “ignore” me. You love to play peekaboo and entertain us by doing that without prompting. You smile when mummy ask you to and knows how to look at mummy’s hp camera when I ask you to smile.

You had your first episode of constipation after having potato. Poor you, having to go through the pain of gek sai-ing but you are such a brave boy because you still smile while you are doing it. You are now 66cm (finally 20cm longer than your birth height!!) and 7.675kg. I think you will grow up to be tall and lanky like daddy. You are getting steadier to sit by yourself or with furniture support and can flip easily now. However, you still seem to haven’t master flipping back onto your back right now. Mummy is looking forward to see you roti prata-ing away. You love playing in jumperoo and have learnt to move backwards in your walker.

You know, my favorite moment these days is when I wake up and see you awake and lying happily in your cot, smiling at me when you see my face. For that, I give everything in my world.

In a few days time, it will be Christmas! And I am soooo delighted to be able to spend this Christmas with you! And I am pretty sure you cant wait to explore all that toys surrounding your Christmas tree right?

I love you very much my pride and joy




IMG-20121217-WA0019 20121216_171241 20121216_174557 20121219_202230 20121219_205229

Two person, one male one female, got to know each other and fell in love. Everything seems so perfect for the two of them. Supportive parents also push them to the next step of the way. Given the ridiculous housing market right now, it only seem so natural for them to just jump into getting a flat. And plans went ahead to buy a BTO, sign on that binding contract of “till death do us part”. Eventually they started trying for a baby. And they got one. Life seems perfect isn’t it?

Yet what we often see is just on the surface. Picture perfect. We don’t see the layers of paint brushed on top of the scratches. We don’t see how the bottom layers of the paint have cracked. We don’t see the heart aches, the anguish, the pain. What is still keeping them together is the frame. The frame which is their child.

I often feel that when marriage was to reach a stage where the only reason to stay is because of the children, is one that is very sad. Because it is just mere obligations. Will the child feel the same? Can the child sense the differences? Yes. I believe the child will. And that isn’t the ideal of love, marriage, family. To grow up in a family seeing how cordial the parents are to each other. At the same time, it shows how great is the other kind of love – the love of parents towards their children. How much love do they have for their baby, to hang in there in the marriage to try to work things out.


My cousin had a kidney transplant lately. He is a quiet, isolated fellow. Often not joining family gatherings and just keep to himself even when he is home. His parents don’t even know what is going on in his life most of the time. One day, my uncle received a call – my cousin was admitted and needs a kidney transplant if not he will have to start dialysis. He immediately told the doctor he wants to donate his kidney. So both he and his daughter went to test to see if they are a match for my cousin. Unfortunately, both of them are not. In came my aunt, someone whom hates needles and is squeamish with injections. And she turns out to be a match. On the day of transplant, a family friend went to accompany my aunt. My aunt told him that she don’t need his company, because she is no longer scare, because she wants to save her son and told them to go and accompany her son instead. The family friend related this information to my cousin. And he told my cousin, “your mother, someone who is so timid and so afraid of going under the knife, is suddenly so courageous because of you. Because she wants to save your life”. My mom related the above conversation to me. And I choked back with tears. So great is the love of parents for our children.


I feel heartbroken and heartache for the first couple who is having problems in their marriage. At the same time I feel happy and glad for my uncle and his family because I know this is their chance to bond and come together as a family.

Don’t we just sometimes wonder, what plans does God has in store for us? And just what lessons does He want us to learn from it all?

Treasure your loved ones, keep the flame in every relationship going…


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